► Business Consultancy

Amphetrite was established in 2014 by experts in the emerging field of decision quality and remains Relevant in the discipline. We provide strategic consulting services to companies across industries, with a particular focus on topics such as resource allocation, organizational development, risk management, and growth strategy. Our consultants serve clients in energy, life sciences, technology, consumer goods, manufacturing, financial services, government, and other sectors from offices in Kerala-India and the Middle East.

From financial or operational distress and solving business-critical problems to improving performance and rationalizing cost structures, our team of experienced consultants is here to support you at every turn. With more than Four years of experience, we understand how to guide you in addressing these issues and countless other challenges inherent to transacting in a complicated, fast-paced global marketplace.

Our professionals work alongside management teams and their boards of directors, capital providers, law firms, financial institutions and other key stakeholders through the business life cycle. We draw from our extensive track record and diverse backgrounds to provide clients with comprehensive solutions to the challenges and opportunities you face.

► Branding and Strategy

How are we different as there are already so many branding firms and agencies in the marketplace, and it’s only becoming more and more complex every day. At Amphetrite, we try to make this decision simple as possible for the client. Our work speaks for itself and our passion shows through the high level of strategy and thought in every sphere of activity we launch.

▼ Online Advertising

Online advertising is a broad term used to describe a wide range of advertising formats including Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Advertising and 3rd Party Placements. As your competitors all vie for the limited attention span of the consumer, employing these advertising tactics can be the difference between securing their business and losing it to someone else.

We plan and execute online advertising campaigns that increase your visibility to your target audience, which means they’re receiving ads that are relevant, informative and interesting to them. Leaving your online advertising needs to us allows you more time to focus on improving your product or service offering, provide a quality service, and grow your business.

▼ Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is a means of enhancing the factors that make up your website (such as content, meta tags, internal and external links, and the URL) in order to increase its visibility in a search engine’s organic search results. Creating a website that is search engine optimized can deliver huge benefits- the higher your website’s ranking and frequency of appearing in search results means increased traffic to your website. As with most marketing efforts, it takes time to create a fully optimized site, but can be an important contributor to your website’s digital success.

We’ll help you optimize your website by considering what people search for, the search terms and keywords typed into search engines and identify which search engines are most used by your specific target audience. We keep up to date with search engine algorithms that determine how websites are ranked. This means we’re able to edit your website content and HTML coding to ensure you-r- relevant!

▼ Social Media

Social media sites- Facebook, Twitter and YouTube- make up three of the world’s top ten most visited websites. This means it has now become imperative for your brand to exist and interact in social media spaces in order to reach your customers digitally. From small start-up businesses to huge multi-national corporations, social media marketing has become a digital asset for many brands.

Social media also provides your business with the unique opportunity to engage directly with your target audience and build valuable relationships that gain customer loyalty. The two-way nature of social media means your customers and clients have a voice, and your brand the ability to engage personally with them.

Our team of social media marketing whizzes will not only set up your business and voice on social media platforms that speak to your target market, but we’ll develop your social media content strategy to ensure your success. Our content strategies are based on market research and consumer insight so we’re able to craft content for you that your target audience can relate to and want to engage with.

Our services also extend to social media management which means we’ll take care of your social media accounts and make sure you’re constantly connected to and engaging with your clients and customers. We’ll also track the growth and monitor the health of your pages with detailed insights and feedback delivered to you in our monthly or weekly reports- providing you with measurable KPI’s and keeping you on top of your ROI.

▼ Creative Production

The variety of digital channels available today means that you have more opportunity than ever to promote your brand, products and services as well as connect with, serve and gain insights about your clients and customers. It also means that you’re faced with the challenges of creating and packaging content for new formats and devices in order to satisfy the increased demand for smart digital content.

Identifying the best channels to connect with your target audience on is critical to providing your content to the right people, while delivering the right content gives you the potential to reach more of those people. Great content marketing provides value, allowing you to initiate conversation and engagement with your clients and customers, increase brand awareness, or reach new people and have them reach you.

Consequently, at Amphetrite we believe that great content can do a good job, but great content that’s delivered through the right channel within the correct context is what really makes brands win! These three pillars- context, channel and content- uphold our engagement philosophy, enabling us to create content that resonates with your target audience.

Our experienced copywriters and designers work in synergy with our digital strategists in order to create meaningful content that ultimately provides value to your target audience and reaches them on the optimal channels.

We produce anything from social media posts, website copy and images, rich media banners, e-guides, e-books, emailers and SMS’s to video’s, presentations and content libraries.