Assessing Advertising Effectiveness

The retail business of a snacks manufacturing company was questioning the impact and targeting of an advertising campaign and sought Amphetrite Group's assistance in assessing the value of the campaign.

Amphetrite Group developed a detailed econometric model using transaction-level performance data to isolate the impact of the advertising campaign from other factors and determine its impact. In fact, several portions of the campaign had negative ROI and we demonstrated that a revised approach to the targeting and timing of promotion could dramatically improve returns.

As an extension of the promotion-focused Amphetrite, the client asked Amphetrite Group's help in determining from similar detailed transaction data what links could be drawn between satisfaction, loyalty, and profitability. Focusing on specific business processes, our team identified non-linearity in the drivers of overall satisfaction and loyalty to the institution. We related these findings to an overall profitability model to highlight the impact of improvements in specific areas of service.